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Our Home Theater Design Process

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Your Home and Lifestyle +
Our Systems and Expertise =
"The Ultimate in Media Satisfaction"

To ensure complete satisfaction and years of enjoyment, Magical Home Theaters follows a four-step design process to deliver highly personalized, custom-fit media systems designed just for you.

1. Initial Consultation and Fact-Finding Mission

The best home theater entertainment systems are the ones that reflect the unique personality and lifestyle of the people who use them. We begin every project by getting to know more about you, your home, and your family: how will your home technology be used on a daily basis? How will it fit into your social life? What are your preferences for home d�cor, and how should your entertainment systems fit in? What kind of home automation features would provide the ideal blend of control and convenience? The more we learn, the better we can meet your needs and fulfill your aspirations.

2. Theater Design and Proposal Process

Design and Proposal Process

Once we’ve learned about the kind of home theater systems you’re looking for, we’ll take all the information gathered in Step 1 and create three custom designs based on your unique profile. This way, we can offer you a range of options in terms of features, performance, and budget to help you get the right systems for the right price. Each of our proposals is one-of-a-kind, designed for one individual client—after all, no two people are alike, and their home theater systems shouldn’t be, either.


3. Installation, Programming, and Calibration

Installation, Programming, and Calibration

This is where the vision becomes a reality. We’ll put your systems in place, make sure that every component is operating at peak performance, and calibrate every setting to deliver the best possible experience within your home environment. No more juggling remotes and struggling with confusing buttons—we’ll also create and program a control system that puts every aspect of your home technology right at your fingertips. Whether you want custom buttons or touch panels, basic remote control or a complete home automation interface, what you want is what you’ll get.


4. Customer Training, Preventive Maintenance, and Follow-up

Home Theater System Customer Training and Maintenance

Our white-glove customer service doesn’t stop once your systems are in place. To help you enjoy your systems to the fullest (and show off to your friends), we’ll walk you through every component of your home theater technology systems and show you exactly how to control them. Before we leave your home, you’ll feel like you’ve been living with our systems for years (and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them). As part of our ongoing commitment to your satisfaction, once you’ve had a chance to enjoy your systems for a few days, we’ll even follow up to make sure everything is still running exactly as it should be. And any time you need help, we’re just a phone call away, around-the-clock, for live assistance—because we want every day you spend with our systems to be as enjoyable and exciting as the first day you switched them on.

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    Home Theater Installation

    Create a complete entertainment hub dedicated to the full range of media, from gaming to TV to music.

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    Discover the ultimate in simplicity and convenience with systems to control your entire home from anywhere in your home.

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    Extend your lifestyle beyond your walls to enjoy world-class entertainment in the world’s best climate.